"I had the best day at work. Had more concentration than ever. Didn't get distracted by anything. Was a nice change. After downloading Mistress Sophia's latest masterpiece and receiving her instructions I became immediately aroused. I was so lucky, one whole day and Evening of training." - Anon Slave

New Release Training Tasks

"Mistress Sophia, Task 01: You took me on a new experience that was mind blowing. i have never combined panties, pad & cock+balls between thighs and butt toy! This made me so excited that i couldn't help but orgasm. i choose to lick the pad clean and went to sleep with my cock + balls tucked between my thighs, encased by panties & pad...and ass plugged with toy. As soon as i laid down i wanted to orgasm again. i slept quite well with lovely dreams! hmmm...i think i am much sluttier than i ever imagined. :-)" - Anon Slave

"Task 02: i inserted a large plug and did all 30 squats following Your count. the plug had no chance to escape. post exercise, my insides are somewhat quivering with desire for more attention. i know i was being used but my body liked how You used it! Thank You so very much Mistress Sophia! i am looking forward to Task 03! There will be a tribute from me as well to say thank You!" - Anon Slave

"Upon seeing Mistress' email I followed her instructions and pressed play. Hearing her voice again was fantastic. My Cock was getting harder, pressing against every side of the cage. Felt more under her control by the end." - Anon Slave

"First full week in chastity, at night anyway. Definitely feeling the thrill of it now. I love locking myself away for you Mistress. I am getting more desperate now for sure. After taking my cage off in the morning I really want to touch my cock, it pulsates, begging me to touch it. I refuse, my cock doesn't control me anymore, only with Mistress' permission am I allowed." - Anon Slave

"Yes, Mistress. I am a complete cock sucking anal whore who deserves to be locked up until Mistress allows me release. Can't wait to become a bigger slut for you." - Anon Slave

"Happy Valentine's Day, thank you, Mistress. I will do that. I have paid tribute. Felt so good doing it." - Anon Slave