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Yet another deeply penetrating brainwash session for all of my girls who love to sit back and have their minds and bodies penetrated. A slow multi-layered mind fuck training session awaits you, full of breasts, cock and strategically spoken word, designed to penetrate your Sissy mind forever. My words are strong, commanding and compelling, you know exactly what Mistress wants and you will soon find yourself feeling the powerful changes that wash over you while watching this training.

I use so many new techniques in this film it really is a mind fuck masterpiece. Layered audio, repetitive commands, erotic spoken trigger words, subliminals and visual mesmerise all come together to take hold of your mind and train you to become the Sissy Slut you were born to be. Sit down, relax and begin your training the right way today... I am well known as an unconventional but seriously powerful Sissy Trainer. I utilise methods that I have devised myself and bring them together with traditional mesmerise to create the ultimate bimbo fuck sluts of my own design.