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As he groggily worked his way back to consciousness, he slowly tried to come to grips with where he was. His waking brain began to realize that this wasn't the lush hotel room that he expected to wake up in, but rather he found himself hanging naked, His arms were pulled up over his head, his wrists secured together while his legs were spread about 3 to 4 feet and secured to the corners of some sort of rack.

This caused his groin to be thrust out a bit from the rest of his body and his cock and balls to be completely exposed. Realising that he had obviously been captured, he wondered just what was in store for him. He had been trained to resist torment and all known interrogation methods, but his training had made it clear that resistance was only temporary. Eventually, he would break, but the key was to hold out long enough that the agencies safeguards were tripped and his knowledge was useless. Still, he wasn't looking forward to a long and probably painful questioning.

HE had been warned to be extra careful on this assignment. We had already lost two of our best agents in the last month and our ranks were getting noticeably thin. It was obvious that the powers that be had something big planned and their first mission was to limit our ability to counter their actions. Now we just had to figure out what they were up to and how to stop them. Figuring out what they were up to (and hopefully what had happened to agent Sophia) was his first task.

Agent X slowly opened his eyes to allow them to adjust to the bright lights and turned his head as much as his restraints would allow him in an attempt to see his captor. As the click of her heels brought her slowly into his sight. The sinuous catlike movements of this dark haired beauty were definitely getting to his too long denied manhood. Agent Xs lustful reverie was broken by a soft, throaty chuckle from his captor...fully dressed head to toe in a black catsuit, leather and high heels of incredible proportions.

"Well agent X, it seems you are in a bit of a predicament aren't you?", she drawled sultrily. "Theres no use tormenting me for information. Any information that I have will soon be useless." he snapped back at her.

She continued her slow tour around my restrained body as she laughed softly and said. "Oh don't you worry agent X, you're only here to entertain me for a while. And rest assured, by the time I'm done with you, you'll be willing to do anything to please me." As she made her way around behind him and back down his left side, her hand idly reached out to his shoulder. Her immaculate nails gently dragged down Agent Xs chest and across his left nipple sending sparks through his body. Agent X stifled a moan as his cock began to lengthen again at her brief touch. Her nails traced slowly down his body, across his quivering abdomen and over his hip. As she reached his thigh her fingers traced near his stiffening cock. Agent X could almost feel the warmth of her hand on his dick as it strained and quivered trying to reach those gorgeous slender fingers. Agent Xs eyes were riveted to the motion of her hand as it slowly made its way to the inside of his thigh, her perfect fingernails leaving light trails down his straining body. As his dick hardened, it began to raise up and throb, longing for Sophia to touch it.

She laughed throatily as his mind was reeling by how this sultry vixen had, with only a few touches and a sexy voice, brought him to this state of arousal. "You men are all so easily controlled." She laughed. Agent X could feel the heat rise in his face as he burned with embarrassment as he realised just how true her statement was. She had manipulated and controlled his reactions from the moment she saw him in the bar those nights long had he been in this Dungeon?

Agent X tried to regain his composure as she continued her slow languorous circuit around his bound body, but Sophia's warm sharp fingernails continued their assault on his sensitive flesh. As her hand passed to his right thigh, her fingernails seemed to tease the hair on his ever tightening ball sack, causing his rigid penis to quiver even more. Her hand traced lazily up Agent Xs right side, sending electric sparks through him. Agent Xs mind began to stop worrying about the feared torment that was to come and to loose itself in the incredible pleasures that Sophia's touch was sending through his body. As her hand worked its way across his chest, her fingernails closed on his right nipple, lightly pinching it and dragging a low guttural moan from him.

"Well agent X, are we ready to begin?" She asked playfully? Agent X tried to focus his churning brain in preparation of detaching from whatever physical torment that his captor might inflict... His cock definitely had a mind of its own right now and all of its attention was longing for this beautiful woman before me. Little did he know what was in store for him over the next several hours or just how diabolical this evil woman was. Sophia had turned...she wasn't on the side of the good guys anymore...and she wanted that 4 digit password no matter what it took to get it! Completely manhandled... dominated further... seductively broken down... he is no match for this spy turned into evil interrogator.