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My best film yet! Not only do I look utterly perfect but combining that with my mesmerising stare, I reprogram you to want cock deep in your soul. We have discovered how powerful a simple mesmerising stare is over you... Well today I am staring deep into your soul and using my beauty and breasts together to seduce you further. I have kept a few secrets hidden in this film designed to further my triggers set inside you internally.

You are going to get a real kick out of it when you see it! My goal this week is to further your obsession with me and your obedience to any desire I have for you.

This lesson is for one week to be watched every day. You are encouraged to check in on my twitter @queenmistresss directly with me to ensure my programming is coming along according to schedule.
Warning: This Clip Is Insanely Powerful, you will feel its effects immediately and as always I will look after you and guide you safely through your slut adventures.