"The first clip I was able to enjoy was the ass worship drone. I have a brand new appreciation for the perfect ass of Mistress. Just being able to see it, touch it, smell it. I would bend my will so quick. Whatever Mistress desires of me I will do with all my heart." - Anon Slave

New Release Features
Hands Free Orgasms ASMR Series
Brainfried Series
Femdom Worship
Poppers Slut Stretching School
Sissy Training
Financial Domination
Drone Program

"Today really felt like you owned my cock. Wasn't too eager to put device on today. But it did not matter. I felt your presence and there was no choice in locking myself away again. My body starts to tingle all over. I love it." - Anon Slave

"Hope you liked my diary. Tried to fit everything in. I enjoyed writing it. Almost brought me back to our session. Want to bring out my slut quicker in our next session. Won't hold back." - Anon Slave

"Very good, feel into trance right away, "Change Is Better" the magic phrase and it is always correct. I am ready to have my clitty locked away." - Anon Slave

"Wow, I'm not really sure what to say about this one, I felt myself going into trance and then I was gone, and didn't come out until a minute after it stopped. My head feels a bit lighter, if that makes any sense. Not really sure what that did to me, but whatever it did I'm sure is fine. Thank You Mistress." - Anon Slave